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クィアスタディーズをベースに漫画、映像、practices for survival(※)作品を制作する。トランスジェンダー男性。

日本・東京で生まれ、1歳から6歳まで「東洋ヴェニス」と呼ばれる中国・蘇州で過ごす。 同地で様々な国・地域出身の教師・生徒と生活し、Miyabiに生き方の多様さを実感させた。


また、生存の実践としての行為作品を「practices for survival」と名付け、日々制作する。


about the artist

Miyabi Starr creates visual and aural art based on queer studies through various mediums, including manga, video and practices for survival: the act of thinking or practicing to survive about things that are silenced by normative consciousness.. Transgender man.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Miyabi lived in Suzhou, China from the age of 1 to 6. Living there with teachers and students from different countries and regions, Miyabi was able to experience the diversity of lifestyles.

Miyabi studied Western music performance at the Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music of Tokyo University of the Arts and the Faculty of Music of the same university, and also participated in lectures on Japanese music history and the Faculty of Fine Arts, out of doubt about the uncritical focus on Western music itself.
Organized off-campus reading groups.
He began creating manga at the same time.

After graduating from university, Miyabi started creating works using various mediums such as oil painting, drawing, animation, sound, and video.

Miyabi is currently exhibiting the finished work and the process of his practice, as well as exploring the connection between contemporary art and sharing information to make life easier for LGBTQ+ and sexual minority people or those around them in the current situation in Japan.